I am tough.

powdered graphite, acrylic inks, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

i am tough
i can handle this
confused cocktail
of wild creatures
insanity on a timer

click clock, tick tock
what is the absolute
you can always count on?

click clock, tick tock
wish upon a star
and there you are

sweet bananas and
a friend to enjoy them with

back in the tumbler
what emerges next?
an absolute rock of ages

More powdered graphite play here, along with some word play.  Cut some words out of magazine ads. . .just because. . .tumble them up and insert them into the picture for no reason you could honestly defend at the moment. . .when you’re done, string the words with others and see what comes of it!  Meaning? Absurdity? no more than every day life. . .

So do I really think I’m tough?   Well, tough enough to still be here!

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