Parallel We Walk

powdered graphite, ink, collage on w/c paper

parallel we walk in tandem universes
with interacting corners
that rub and chafe

and if we’re lucky
whole arias unfurl
go air born and drift
across oceans
dip down on continents
taste foreign soil
add more verses

our parallel worlds
get shaken and mixed
our lines find new partners
our colors new complements
our hearts new homes

As I was finishing this piece, started as a demo on Sunday, I realized it was yet another solar eclipse painting.  I’m still feeling the effects of coming shoulder to shoulder with the cosmos during Sunday’s eclipse, wanting to live with one foot in that parallel universe.

This is powdered graphite play.  I painted the paper with matte medium and while it was wet, sprinkled on some powdered graphite.  Then squirted it with water so that the graphite crystals would dissolve and move around on the surface.  Some graphite stayed put, lending texture to the surface.  Then, because I was surrounded by a bunch of eager and curious Muses, I droppered on some acrylic ink and added some gesso as well.  Tipped the paper to get some drips and moved the wet color around with my finger a bit to cover the paper. The matte medium, applied at the beginning, served to keep the graphite from rubbing off with later applications. The collage shapes were cut from magazine ads, which I selected for color and because I liked the random text on them.

And just a reminder. . .I will be doing a Free Demonstration at Rileystreet Art Supply, San Rafael (California) this Saturday May 26, Intuitive Painting With Inks and Gesso. If you are able to join me, please contact Rileystreet San Rafael (415) 457 2787 to sign up!  Space is limited.


  1. This one, as all the others, is gorgeous, Susan. This one really speaks to me. I love it. And, I’m going to try the graphite technique tomorrow as I bought a little tub of graphite a while back but haven’t figured out how to use it, so: hoorah & thank you. Laurie


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