Made From the Same Fabric


acrylic pour, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

I lie among the others here, all from the same lot, same materials and construction, only damaged in unique ways.   

I find comfort in my belonging, yet cherish the markings of my singular woundedness. 

Our fabric has been pierced by the fingers of time, torn and even shredded, yet here we float in gentle repose.  Take heart. The movement of time heals all.

After a month break for the holidays the Muse Groups are back in action and my studio is vibrating with the extravagent creative energies of the folks who’ve been coming.  That helped me to finish this piece, which started out as my demo of pouring acrylics.

Using fluid acrylics, mixed first with matte medium to increase the flow, and pouring them in three parallel lines, I ran a stick through them (to create some marbling) while tilting the paper. Adding the torn picture – a print in my husband’s discard pile, helped to move the piece along to a finish.


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