Bouquet of Green Memories


acrylic inks and photo collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

 I offer up this bouquet of memories and the longing for a return to green.

Those of you weary from winter storms with rain and show and ice will have a different take on this.  Here in Northern California this is usually the season of green carpeted ground.  This year with all of “our” rain falling north of us, we are seeing endless sunny days and a torched, brown countryside.  Draught.  So we too long for the return of green and fear we might not get much of it this year.

As I was trimming the dead growth off our Agapanthas I admired the design on the leaves and took the loveliest of them and pressed them onto the flat bed of my copy machine. The collage you see here is printer paper with the leave shapes cut out!  You will probably soon be seeing these same images as transfers and I’ve got my eyes open now for other plants flat enough to fit in my copier!

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