Harbinger of Winter

acrylic and acrylic skins collage, brush pen on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

harbinger of winter he holds
tight the branch of a living
thing now leafless but sap running
marrow flowing

there won’t be a spring for a while
even longer for a summer
yet i will not ponder
grim reapers
blankets of frost

not while the patterns of our world
swirl in multitudinous colors,
leave me awestruck and reaping
the art of it

The election today, I know, and I have my hopes and prayers.  And the sap will keep running and the storms will keep coming, regardless of the results of this election.  And the art will keep speaking of all the undercurrents, the whispers on the wind.

The Monday Muse Group played with acrylic skins yesterday, pouring acrylics onto plastic sheets, flattening the paint by running a roller through it, then taking the paint covered roller and rolling the paint onto damp watercolor paper for a lovely underpainting.  It takes a day or two for the acrylic skins to dry so they can be peeled up and used for collaging, anything from tree bark to feathers to flower petals to flowing water!



  1. Susan, do you do any online courses? I would love to join you but I’m waaay over here in Norway. Plunged into darkness now, November the darkest month before the snow comes. Wine and candlelight time. 😉


    1. Funny you should ask Rosi! I’m in the process of finishing a multi-media e-Course which will be live hopefully relatively soon. We just have to iron out the tech details. So, stay tuned!
      Where do you live in Norway? CAn’t remember if I told you that I lived in Bergen for two years (over 40 years ago!) So I remember fonldy the hyggelig candlelight and tea/coffee that would warm and brighten up those short short winter days.


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