A Male Medusa?

fluid acrylics and inks, Dura-Lar and rice paper overlays on w/c paper, 10 X 11

i am a young man again in the fullness of longing
in the fullness of life’s tugging at me with invisible strings
in the ear buzzing clamor of sensations

my curls rise into the writhing serpents of my desires
which i struggle to contain without wanting to
i long to run to a hilltop where i may burst my lungs
with screams
with songs
until all these pieces of life coming at me
coalesce at last

You and I both know I am not and never was in this lifetime a young man and yet. . .I have young sons and in another lifetime I was, as you I’m sure were. . .a young man.  So I know about that longing and the pressure of it which feels a bit like the insanity of a head full of snakes going in every direction.

Of course the Medusa of mythology, the monster who turned onlookers to stone, was a woman. But the artist Bernini, whose  sculpture of her I have flagrantly copied here, appears to have used a male model.

What is art after all, but personal mythology?

I have had the picture of Medusa in my file for ages and took it out to do a demo of a new lesson, using transparent overlays.  It’s a fun and easy way to capture an image by tracing it onto either a transparent piece of film like Dura-lar or a thin piece of oriental paper or tissue paper, then collage it over an interesting painted background.  You can then paint on top of it as well.

I got a bit carried away with painting in the lovely face and then outlining some snake faces and adding some dragonfly stamping. Maybe I’ve turned him into Narcissus.  Isn’t he the god who fell in love with his own reflection?


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