Another month of portraits

fountain pen, watercolor, and a touch of white gouache on gray toned paper

First of all thanks to the SktchyMuseum app participants who provide their inspired poses for us to draw! I’ve tried to include their names, though sometimes I think they post a picture of someone else that they took. I try different approaches to drawing/painting each one I do, which will be abundantly obvious here. Some are very quick sketches, others take longer, and none are really “finished”, because then I’m sure I would mess them up!

watercolor in field watercolor journal (140lb CP Fluid watercolor paper.

I just felt I owed myself a good watercolor surface to do some wet play on, so I switched to the Fluid watercolor paper which I love and kept it loose and wet, bleeding off edges across lines and charging more pigment into spots before the surface dried.

watercolor, gouache, white gel pen on beige toned paper

You can see the difference here as I went back to the Nova toned paper, which is not really made for those wet watercolor washes. The pigment settles in quickly and creates edges, just a different look.

watercolor, gouache, white gel pen on gray toned paper

Here I’m hardly focused at all on the surface textures, but trying out the idea of a quirky, unfinished or “vignetted” portrait.

And here’s another take on the unfinished theme, less aggressive and jarring.

Pencil, Silver fox ink, a touch of watercolor and no white gouache on gray toned paper

Another unfinished one, more along the lines I’d imagined. The gray paper read as white, so I didn’t add any, and the ink made the most lovely wash on this paper, probably because I told myself not to muck with it, haha!

So if you have a minute I would love to know what is your favorite and which if any gives you the creeps or any other response. All reactions valid and welcome.



  1. Excellent work Susan. I really like the unfinished look. And thanks for including the names. They are a couple I’d like to follow up on. I model i really like on Museum app is Laura Jean Grimes [ Laura G). She has loads of photos, is probably about our age, and has the most magnificent flowing white hair and loads of wrinkles which she freely gives us!!

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    1. Thanks kathy! I looked up Laura Jean Grimes and indeed she has a treasure chest of images to sketch. I agree about the appeal of faces that have “character” which comes with age. Like us!


  2. Hi Susan, You asked which we like best. I love them all! My favorite might be Jason. His skin tone is luminescent and my eye keeps going back to him. The first one of Andre really catches my eye, too. Maybe it’s the pose and his relaxed hand. Maybe it’s his hair. Your attempt to use different styles really worked. Your portraits are an inspiration to me.

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    1. Thanks for the feedback Signe! The warm color on cool toned paper certainly accentuates the drama. I mostly just used quin burnt orange on Jason’s skin. Are you painting portraits too?


  3. OK! I love your work, both portraits and nature, but on this one I really like Stephan Jean-Baptiste, and think the ‘chopped off head’ on Andre Andres is creepy.
    Keep it up and keep sending these great pics of your work. I always look forward to them.

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