Old Courthouse Square

I am embarrassed to admit that I never paid much attention to Old Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa.  I assumed that the Empire Building, since it is the most stately of buildings in the square, was the courthouse.  But of course the old courthouse came down in the 1960’s and now the lovely Empire Building, formerly a bank, is the home to legal offices. The name however remains.



Lamy Joy fountain pen, Inktense pencils, and watercolor in 8X8″ hand.book w/c sketchbook

This is a sketch subject that previously would not have interested me. I mean basically there’s a lot of dirt, fencing, tractors, wire, plastic netting and building with lots of windows. But. . .


I wanted to come back when the workmen were out and the claws of the diggers were moving, and practice sketching a foreground, middleground and background and tell the story of transformation over time.

And now I’m finding tractors and pipes and even piles of dirt to be totally fascinating.  And the orange posts and neon jackets. . .and it’s all so real and engaging! So I’ll definitely be coming back. Next I need to try to get up in one of the buildings to get more of a bird’s eye view.  Any suggestions?


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