Student visions

The framed paintings from my past weekend’s ARTRails open studio came down and the clothesline went up yesterday for a Vision Painting Workshop. The group ranged from fresh beginner painters to an art teacher and other experienced artist and craftspeople. What they all had in common was a lot of excitement about the process of discovering their own visions through playing with paint and collage.

AFter they started arriving I went in the house to get something and told my husband Bob how they seemed so enthusiastic, that I wouldn’t have to work very hard to make it happen. His response, in typical Bob humor was “Yeah, you’ll be like Obama. At this point you’d have to f___ it up pretty bad to lose the election now.” Well, as usual, all I had to do was set the stage and get out of the way. The results were so extraordinary that I wanted to share a painting done by each of the students (not necessarily finished ones). One of the fun techniques we focused on was working with cheesecloth texture, both on the wet paint and as a later collage element. There’s a personal story of transformation with each of these which I won’t share because of confidentiality, but you may find your own stories coming alive as you view them.

by Linda

by Shawna

by Susan Jane

by Thorjia

by Arianna

by Pamela

by Anna

by Valerie

One comment

  1. WOW. What a fabulous day — hours and hours of being in the space of imagination, paint, colors, and play! I came right home to my “re-purposed” dining room table, now burgeoning with art supplies, and kept playing with my pieces. Thank you, Susan, for your inspiration and talent, and for generously sharing with us!

    Shawna Swetech


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