women’s march

Women’s March, Sebastopol

While hundreds of thousands of demonstrators were marching in major cities cross the country this weekend, our town of Sebastopol, aka Peacetown, filled the plaza yesterday with pink hats, protest signs, music and speeches, and a crowd of all ages in undisputed support for women’s and all human rights!


Derwent Graphik pen and w/c in Stillman + Birn 6X8″ sketchbook

Standing in a jostling crowd while listening to speeches and singing along to the music, the pen went a bit wild in the sketchbook. I had my water brush and miniature credit card sized palette to get some quick color down.


Turning a bit to the right I got another view. The mother of the girl in the tree (not pictured here) was watching me and finally came over and asked for a picture of the sketch of her daughter. The lady in the pink hat was filming the speaker on stage or maybe the colorful crowd.