west bay marina

Back at the West Bay Marina

Blue fountain pen and w/c in Travelogue sketchbook

Ah summer at last!! Sitting on the dock of the bay in the evening sunshine, which lasts til 9pm and becomes the best part of the day.


Sittin on the dock on the bay

watercolor and blue ink fountain pen in Travelogue sketchbook

Out at the West Bay Marina last week with Jan, warming ourselves in comfortable spring temperatures with mostly sun and those show-off-y clouds. We were almost at water level on the dock, and with Tugboat Annies and the kayaks behind us. I loved the shape of these mostly white buildings, the reflections and the sky and forest backdrop. There was so much more of both sky and water I wanted to get in, but ran out of space after getting the building geometry in. Always better to leave more space for these exciting skies! Next time.