Vancouver, Victoria and home again

Victoria, British Columbia

Back now from my trip to Vancouver and Victoria to visit with my son Ben.  We had a great time.  The cities were all about tulips and cherry blossoms, gazillions of them blooming on every street!!  Not what I would call a relaxing vacation, what with cleaning and moving him out of the apartment, ferry rides and border crossings and days in the cities, but days rich with sights and new experiences, meeting his college friends and hanging out in the finest coffee shops in the world (according to my coffee expert, Ben) as well as pubs.  Some hiking in those lush northern forests and eating great seafood.  I visited the Art Gallery of Victoria to see Emily Carr:  On the Edge of Nowhere, a British Columbian painter whose biography The Forest Lover I’d enjoyed years ago.

And had scant time for sketching. . .but here’s some airport and ferry sketches.

. . .at our little airport in Sonoma County waiting for the flight to Seattle (I drove from there to Vancouver).

iPads Rule in airports.  I knew if I brought one I would never get around to sketching, so instead took advantage of the models.

Sabrina had dark glasses on and was texting on her iPhone the entire ferry ride, so I figured I was safe sketching her anonymously. I made her look at least 20 years older, not on purpose!  And she caught me.  It happens sometimes.  So as a concession to her I let her take a picture of it, which I assume immediately got posted on Facebook or something like that, and promised to post it here. She’s really soooo much cuter.  It seems when I’m doing a really quick sketch I either make people look much older or younger.  I guess there’s a kind of averaging thing going on unconsciously, when what I’d really like to be doing is more caricature.  Got to work on that.

Dress of the Day

acrylic, hand made stamps, ink, and collage on w/c paper

the girls hop on the line
show off-y like spring
like those orange polka dotted caterpillars  
munching the pipevine
eating big holes in the leaves
til there’s nothing left
but their big juicy selves

back to the girls on the line
hanging out for the fresh air
dancing on the breeze
headless, carefree
their only personality
the dress of the day

Ah yes, carefree.  How to be carefree at my age, or any age for that matter.  I certainly wouldn’t sign up to trade with a teenager. . .6 year old maybe, but then I’d have to do the whole growing up thing all over again. . .no thanks.  Better to cultivate a carefree state of mind.

I’m headed to Vancouver, B.C. tomorrow to visit my son Ben, who is graduating from college.  Now 21 is a pretty great age.  I think I’ll try it on for size, at least for a week of fun in the city and then out to the islands.  He says if the rain stops for a bit we’ll go kayaking, and you can eat that wonderful fresh fish even if it’s raining, so we’re cool.