travel sketchbook

Virtual Tipi


Zig Millenium pen and w/c in Strathmore Mixed Media sketchbook 5.5″X 8″

We watched the sun set in a blaze of crimson (through air laden with smoke from fires far away) over San Francisco Bay last night, singing Beatles songs and restoring our youthful hippy spirits.  It was the annual Camp Winnarainbow reunion and a (mostly natural) high point of the year!  I sketched until the floor was so crowded and the music so infectious, that I had to abandon pen and paint and groove with the others.

Bodega Dunes Camping



pen and watercolor in 5 X 8″ watercolor sketchbook 

First camping trip of the season.  Just one night at the beach to celebrate my friend Liz’ birthday with “the girls”.  If you’ve always lived on the east coast you probably think warm and balmy describes the beach in California in the (almost) summer.  Instead think north coast beaches, with winds so strong that the grasses on the dunes are practically bent flat and hats must be anchored on heads with ingenious tie systems and the cold air blows right through 4 layers of clothing.  But oh, it is divinely gorgeous!  Our tent was securely staked so as to not fly away, but flapped and rocked in its moorings.


Nevertheless a divine time was had by us three and morning found us in a windless sunny spot for our coffee and breakfast, (even after the raccoons had raided our ice chest overnight).  What’s camping without a bit of adventure?