Around town

Sometimes lately the weather has actually been warm enough to invite a bit of outside sketching. On Sunday I met two of my sketch buddies to tackle the Swantown Marina waterfront. 

fountain pen, watercolor, white gel pen in Travelogue w/c sketchbook

It was the flaming red bare branches on these bushes in contrast with the cool marine colors that invited the sketch. Those showy ducks were paddling around in the waters of Bud Inlet. The Olympic range was glowing in the distance, and I hoped that I could make sense of the complex marina scene, at least enough to get a bit of it in. As I started drawing, the sailboats appeared and I dashed them in. The man got added at the end, after the landscape was painted. There were lots of folks out enjoying the winter sunshine and warm (ahem!) temps of mid to high 50’s. It was one of those days when the heart and mind skips over the remaining weeks of winter and early spring and dives headlong into anticipation of spring blooming!

Another day I was driving home from errands and came to a stop sign at the lake, tarrying long enough to catch the rainbow with my phone. . .and later sketched it. Imagine more ducks out there on the lake, which is connected to the Sound. The trumpeter swans are still out there now.

Tomorrow I’m heading back to California for a week of visiting my buddies in the Bay Area and old home town of Sebastopol; taking my sketchbook, which has become my surrogate memory-catcher and blog-feeder! So I’ll catch you on the other side. Or maybe I’ll see you in person!