Happy Solstice!

vectorIII[Vector III] “Solstitium”, acrylic, dark wash pencil on canvas, 24″ X 24″

The word solstice comes from the Latin sol: sun, and sistere: to stand still. The image of the sun standing still before change. That image is a powerful one to me which explains the way the feelings, which have been lined up, walking along in a predictable pattern, suddenly stop and bunch up, and wait for a sign of opening into the future.

I just finished this painting, which is the third in a series called Vectors, where I’m exploring the dynamics of shapes and colors determined by lines leading in new directions.

Paintings are unavoidably metaphors for life events. The sun is there. The bunching up of feelings. The openings. . .

. . .and an opportunity for me to send my best wishes to you in this dark/light season as you find your way into expansive openings in the next year.