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Spring Workshops!

My first sketch workshop of this year will hopefully respond to the requests of so many of my students who would like to be more comfortable adding people into their sketches. It’s not easy, but so satisfying when you can tell the visual story with the human angle. So I’m working on distilling the most useful techniques I’ve learned over the years (and am still learning!) about sketching and painting convincing figures! Hope you can join me this spring.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 7.31.11 PM

Last year I taught the workshop on simplifying watercolor for the sketcher, another topic I love! So here it is, scheduled again in a new location this May.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 7.31.34 PM

And if you’d like stir up your Muse and get your creative juices flowing, i recommend the Muse Group, which is starting a new session in March.

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I hope to be painting with you soon!

Fool’s Day Parade in Occidental

I’m hosting my first SF Sketchers Meet Up! and it’s here in Occidental this Saturday, the Fool’s Day. Hope you’ll join me in some foolishness and sketching.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 5.33.04 PM



If you sign up on for SF Sketchers, you’ll get invitations like this all the time. And then you can RSVP so the leader has an idea of who to expect and can answer any questions.

Here’s some of my sketches from a previous year of foolishness.

Capturing Halloween and crowd chaos


Pitt Artist Pen, watercolor on HP paper in 6 X 6″ sketchbook

There’s something about the folks in Occidental, this lovely woodsy community in west Sonoma County (and 15 min. from my house) that they LOVE to dress up.  Which is why it is prime sketch territory.


I was not in costume however, which contributed I suppose to the fact that I was largely invisible.  I have learned to pull my invisibility cloak around me when sketching in public. You laugh, but the ONLY person who spoke to me was a boy dressed as Harry Potter with a scar across his forehead, who must have used some spell to see through the cloak and notice me sitting beside him. “I like to draw too”, he said, and we had a mini conversation.


Back to the costumes, I switched to my Pentel pocket brush pen, which usually scares me a bit because it is soooo bold and I need to be pretty warmed up first.  I’m working with some of the concepts learned in the “Capturing Chaos” workshop with Suhita Shirodhar last month. Concepts like “draw the verb” rather than the person and lots more.

There may still be space in her Berkeley workshop this weekend if you’re interested.


This is my sketch from the workshop. The crowd is waiting to board the ferry in Sausalito, headed for San Francisco. It was a fun challenge to get all that in the 30 minutes we had!  But I learned that it is actually do-able.  And believe me, those people were not standing still waiting for me to put them where I did in my sketch.  Each figure is probably wearing someone else’s clothes or even feet!