S.F. Sketchers meet up

Fool’s Day Parade in Occidental

I’m hosting my first SF Sketchers Meet Up! and it’s here in Occidental this Saturday, the Fool’s Day. Hope you’ll join me in some foolishness and sketching.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 5.33.04 PM



If you sign up on Meetup.com for SF Sketchers, you’ll get invitations like this all the time. And then you can RSVP so the leader has an idea of who to expect and can answer any questions.

Here’s some of my sketches from a previous year of foolishness.


Windy Jazz


fountain pen and w/c in 9 X 12″ Mixed Media sketchbook

The S.F. Sketchers met up for a jazz festival on Fillmore St. last weekend. The street was blocked off to traffic for several blocks with musicians performing at several locations. A cold and windy July day, just what you’d expect if you live in S.F. (which I don’t). It always seems crazy when I leave my home in the “banana belt” of Sonoma Co. to bring a coat and hat to the city, but it was definitely required last weekend. The winds were at times so fierce that the sheet music on the stands blew free of the clips meant to hold it down!


This was a challenge to sketch.  I sat in the sun to warm up but could barely see the outline of the musicians with the sun shining in my eyes. So I tried a different treatment with a brush pen.


Back to a smaller sketchbook as the wind blew up even more.


And then later, in the warm comfort of my couch I sketched this street dancer who I’d captured on my iPhone.

It was a fun group of 33 sketchers from all over the world!  Russia!  and Finland!  and India! I love the spirit of this Urban Sketcher phenomena, which has become seriously international.