recycled paintings

The Family Pyramid


acrylic, image transfers, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

The Family Pyramid

Solve the riddle and the sphinx will offer access to the tombs and the secrets therein.

Skeletons are to be cherished, regardless. All families have them. We are none of us above the business of heritage, our automatic download of burdens, talents, angels and demons acquired at birth.  We imagine we are free to start afresh while inadvertently walking in the well worn shoes of ancestors.

This was an exercise in recycling old paintings, as in cutting them up and piecing together.  The figure on the left is actually my maternal grandfather, and on the right, his mother or aunt.  I’m not sure.  I wonder if she was half as formidable as she appears here. They were pretty tough stock, Ohio farmers and educators. I hope they knew how to kick up their heals and have fun!