powdered pigment


It’s limbo-land for us a while longer, six more weeks to be exact until the moving truck comes. How does one live in the NOW when there is so much planning to do? How will our furniture fit in the new house? What should we leave behind? What about insurance and medical care and internet provider and so much more that we take for granted when we stay put?

I also do a lot of wondering about things like what birds and insects and other creatures will inhabit my surroundings so that I can feed them or possibly discourage them or just merely come into relationship with them. I’m told there’s lots of rabbits. I’m down for that! but what birds and where will they be building nests? and what kind of butterflies?

Questions like these always lead to the art, as in this one. . .

powdered graphite, powdered pigment, collage on w/c paper

Today I asked

pleaded really

for my winged friends to come with me to the new house

to perch on branches, build their nests in bushes, lay their eggs

to fill the air with buzzing chirping fluttering soaring singing squawking cooing pecking humming munching flapping splashing

I asked them to please find their way to my windows

to reassure me that I still inhabit a nature wonderland.

So that I will look up from my table

to meet the eyes of some new bird

who finds me as exotic and revelatory

as I find her/him/them.

This is how I’ll know

I have found my way home again.





charcoal powder, powdered pigment, acrylics, pencil on w/c paper 10 X 11″

Liminal: adj. – relating to the point (or threshold) beyond which a sensation becomes too faint to be experienced.

Like a dream, it is that point where artifacts are sewn together in an insane picture of supposed sanity.

I’ll take the liminal any time, play with it, and tell a picture story not seen or heard before.

Start with some charcoal strewn onto paper.  Pour water over it.  Let it dry, then repeat with some powdered pigment.  Spray with fixative, then do some drawing and painting.  The story comes in its own time.