portraits in ink

Beer can pen?

Chinese black ink drawn with folded pen and painted with brush and dilute ink, white gouache in toned sketchbook,
source is courtesy on Esther Kiehl on SktchyMuseum.

I’m loving drawing with this folded pen, otherwise used for calligraphy and its cousin, asemic writing. This is the latest version of the homemade variety of folded pen, and it is both simpler to make and more attractive than the one pictured on my previous post. Simpler because it is cut from a beer can, so you don’t even have to go to a hardware store to buy the metal (if you have beer in your fridge at any rate.) We’re not beer drinkers, but Bob now has some colorful cans waiting to be drunk so he can make more of these! Then there is the dowel and the tape. Bingo! You’ve got a superb drawing instrument you’ll love, as long as you’re not into fine controlled lines only. There are surprises along the way. 

Bob is using his folded pens in combination with his printmaking in a new series called Unspoken Journey which I think you’ll enjoy. If you’ve been following along here lately, you’ll see how much his explorations are inspiring me!

I tried out my new folded pen in a coffee shop today sketching people. It was going great until I realized that I had some puddles of ink in my sketchbook making it impossible to turn the page. Loose paper is recommended for that reason! Or several sketchbooks!