pen and ink sketching

An Old (Tree) Friend


dip pens with walnut ink + Noodlers Golden Brown + Japanese brush pen + w/c in Strathmore journal 8X10″

If this sunny California weather continues much longer I’ll get my spring fever out of the way before it actually arrives!  It felt like such a guilty pleasure, setting up a folding chair right there on the walkway with a cup of coffee on one side and ink bottles and dip pens on the other.

It was an “assignment”, the latest nudge from Danny Gregory’s Sketchbook Skool designed to keep us arting our every days.  Basically. . .scrutinize a tree and sketch it.

Not just any tree, this old apple tree lived behind my studio for years before there even was a studio.  In the winter it stands naked revealing it’s bizarre twists and turns.  As I got lost sketching the crooks and shoots, I found myself surrendering to the messiness of it all, adding more ink and kept going.  Meanwhile it was talking to me about all its memories.  So I wrote them down.