pen and ink sketches

Beatles Zoomalong Every Saturday

Need a SIP something to do tomorrow night? My friend David Klotz (alias Moon Puppy) has been leading Beatles singalongs for a long time here in Sebastopol and now is offering them in a zoom room every Saturday night. I tuned in last Saturday and found two of my other friends there, so it did feel like a party. The singing (and lo and behold the sketching) were great.


David did the lead singing and guitar and keyboard accompaniment while the participants sang with gusto (though muted so that the music maintained its integrity) and used the chat room to request their favorite songs. David knows them all!

I think there were folks participating from out of the area. If you’re a Beatles lover who lives far away from Sebastopol, California you can still join in, proving yet another way this pandemic has made us into the one world we always were. Ask David if you can join.


My pen was scribbling madly as I sang along. Because the visibility on a zoom session with lots of people in the gallery is sketchy, I enjoyed just getting whatever I could down. So if you see your face here, please forgive the artist for taking liberties. Artists are always doing that, and it’s usually fine (as long as it’s with someone else’s image)!

Sketchin in the dark with no glasses


Pigma Sensei pen 1.0mm in 7 X 4″ sketchbook

Last week I got to bask in an evening of ecstatic poetry (Jallaladin Rumi’s and others) and music to “awaken delight in the heart and help restore the soul of the world,” Rumi’s Caravan is always a highpoint of the year and this year was no exception.

There’s always the question of whether one should even try to sketch during performances that are as transporting as this one. Mostly I didn’t sketch, but here’s some moments of pen action. These first crudest sketches turned out to be my favorites, capturing drama in the absence of precision.


I switched to a fine point pen for two of these and relaxed a bit into sketching the shadow shapes.


In these you can see I’m really focusing on leaving shapes open. I got out my water soluble ink fountain pen for the last sketches and hit some edges with the water brush before calling it a night and abandoning myself in the nectar of spoken word, music and even a dervish dancer!

Festival of Feathers


fountain pen with Noodler’s Golden Brown ink, watercolor in Strathmore w/c sketchbook, (9.5×7.5″)

We joined the crowds at the Santa Rosa Bird Rescue Center’s annual Festival of Feathers on Saturday to practice more standing and sketching  (in a jostling crowd).  Most of the birds were relatively good posers (except for the raven) and there’s just nothing like coming up eyeball to eyeball with these elegant wild creatures. We lasted about an hour and a half and then were so exhausted we had to stop.  The sketches were done on site, the painting afterwards.


Japanese bush pen with water soluble ink.

The raven was completely black, but that felt like it would be too much.  After “melting” the ink line to create volume I added just a touch or two of color.


Wowl is the poster child of the bird sanctuary and my absolute  favorite!