Early Spring Musings

Sometimes I just want to look at the blossoms and not remember the storms that brought us here. Look at the green and the lacy morning dew and imagine that this world is mine, as is, right now. Not just in process and needing to be weeded. Not because it all will soon enough disappear, torched by summer’s draught. But just because it is right now. . .mine.


acrylic textures (molding pastes), acrylic inks and collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

It is apple blossom season here in Sonoma County. You don’t want to blink and miss it! You don’t want to miss the butterflies fluttering through the garden, drinking apple blossom nectar, mating, and laying eggs on the pipevine. Gardening is a great excuse to be outside with hands in the dirt, and art making gravitates always to these spring colors and forms.

In Muse group we were playing with a wide variety of texture making tools and many of the acrylic mediums now on the market, from molding paste and crackle paste to gels with clear flakes and pumice. You could spend a fortune in the art store gathering up the various mediums to get texture. It’s what happens when you put fluid paint over them that excites me.

I’ll be teaching a weekend mixed media workshop June 24 and 25 where we’ll be using textures like these to achieve the light casting sparkle of Patina!  For more information and to register please visit my website.

The Lure of Patina


embossed gesso texture, metallic mix of acrylics on w/c paper, 10 X 10″

This is a demo from the Pleasanton Art League workshop (two weekends ago now!) where we experimented with different acrylic textures and fluid acrylics mixed with metallics like Golden’s Micaceous Iron Oxide and Iridescent Bright Gold to get that aged metallic or patina look. The problem is that one can never really capture the sparkle in a photograph, so you’ll just have to imagine it! And I’m not sure yet whether I’m done with this one.  The multiply layers of glaze just seem to improve it, and I might even add some collage.

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend with this fun group in their lovely Firehouse Art Center, where I taught a sketching workshop about four years ago.