patina in painting

A Square Creates Order (or tries)

A square attempts to bring order out of chaos here in this demo from the Patina workshop last weekend. The last touch was a bit of scumbling over the rough surface with a finger dipped in bronze paint.


Workshop demo: acrylic on textured surface, painted foil and mylar collage on w/c paper

Try looking in the mirror. This personhood has so many fun house distortions . Open those windows and the pieces buzz around and fly out. Airborne they eventually become stars and find their way home to a green planet somewhere you are.



Mixed Media Painting Workshop

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 2.53.21 PM

There’s still some space in my weekend workshop coming up in 1 1/2 weeks at the lovely Firehouse Art Center in Pleasanton, CA.  I’m particularly excited about sharing some discoveries about getting that “patina” glow in paintings.  To find out more and register please visit the Pleasanton Art League’s website.