palette paint rescue

Flapping in the Wind


acrylic, ink, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Sometimes you need to flap in the wind, feel the ocean motion, or just notice the slow movement of sunset and sunrise and the moon’s phases. 

All this is a necessary counterpoint to rock solidity and the stuckness that keeps you laboring year after year in silly blind repetition, following rules that have stopped serving.

Let that wind blow them away, and watch as a new breeze deposits the next stepping stone right at your feet.

I had loaded a brayer with copper paint and then black and then gesso to make an underpainting and paint some collage papers.  It takes a lot of paint if you’re going to roll it on.  But I’d squeezed out a lot more than I needed.  So I wet a clean sheet of watercolor paper and pressed it onto the juicy palette.  That was the beginning.  It sat in a stack of “beginnings” for a couple weeks, then inspired another approach.