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Spring Workshops!

My first sketch workshop of this year will hopefully respond to the requests of so many of my students who would like to be more comfortable adding people into their sketches. It’s not easy, but so satisfying when you can tell the visual story with the human angle. So I’m working on distilling the most useful techniques I’ve learned over the years (and am still learning!) about sketching and painting convincing figures! Hope you can join me this spring.

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Last year I taught the workshop on simplifying watercolor for the sketcher, another topic I love! So here it is, scheduled again in a new location this May.

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And if you’d like stir up your Muse and get your creative juices flowing, i recommend the Muse Group, which is starting a new session in March.

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I hope to be painting with you soon!

Paint the Word Obsession

acrylic, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

In Saturday’s workshop we incorporated words into our painted and collages art pieces by starting with them, ending with them and inserting them into various layers.

In this demo I asked for a word and was given “obsession” so I wrote it into the wet paint beginning with a watercolor crayon (it got painted over, but the meaning persisted).

Can you tell what layer came next? and next?  What we get with all these layers of paint and collage and word is packed with meaning.  It’s a palimpsest, like the early manuscripts which were covered over so that successive entries could be made, it contains a history of the layers of creation. What do you think this suggests about the nature of obsession?

Painting Workshop This Weekend

What happens when you put paint and collage papers and words in the creative mixer?  That’s what we’ll be doing in this Saturday’s workshop.  There’s still space if you want to join in.  And don’t leave your zany wackiness at home.

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For more information and to register for the Feb. 25 workshop click here.