painting with hands

In the Zone

Inks, gesso, collage (clear contact paper masking) on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

he’s jammin’
spiraling out behind
glasses where there’s
no need to hide

he’s groovin’ back into those animal places
wild and mindless
where the moves are in the DNA
in the sharp scent on the wind
and the air stripes the senses
with the impact of colors brightly spiced

they feel their way through spaces
through time zones
through time
in the zone

Here’s where imagination comes in big time.  I mean you won’t see me doing the high jump and there’s no electric guitar in my future, but I think I know something about “the Zone”.  So when those colors started vibrating, I could relate. . . This was another Muse Group demo of the “mask and drip” lesson, which you can read more about and try for yourself in the Oct. Newsletter.

And if you want to try out some “in the Zone” painting like this, you can join me in the next workshop “Painting With Hands” Nov. 17, 18.