paint to music

3 X Paint to Music


(Celtic Harp) acrylic inks, gesso, lace texture on 12X 12″ canvas

No brushes!  Just ink droppers, fingers, a roller, and a bit of lace to “stamp” texture on.  Not intended as a finished painting, though maybe it is.  An opportunity to let music express itself with paint.  The music for this one was Celtic Harp, tripping as lightly as ripples on an otherwise serene sea.  Bright and spritely.

tribalbeat(Zhoom, Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors) powdered graphite, inks, phone book collage on 12X12″ canvas

Tribal beat!  The kind you’ve got to MOVE to.  And no wishy washy flowy move, but the kind with some edges in it, with some tell-it-like-it-is in it.  Maybe even with some F-words in it. Raw, like phone book pages, discarded but reclaimed.

That messy powdered graphite sprinkled on in the beginning, invading the white surface. Fingers again as painting tools, and fingernails.  And one last flourish of black ink with a loaded Sumi brush.

Now close  your eyes to clear the screen and open them again for the next.

yoyoma(Yo Yo Ma’s romantic music) acrylics and gesso, pencil and image transfer on 12X12″ canvas

Cello.  Is there anything in the realm of music, except maybe violin, that plays those heart strings more lavishly?

A page of quick line sketched I’d done at the last Figure Drawing Marathon in Oakland, copied, then transferred with gel medium onto the under painting.  There’s some despair in this garden of the nymphs.  Always the pairs of opposites existing side by side in life.