Pacific Grove

Vacation With a Purpose

Bob and I agree that we’re not much for the leisure-on-the-beach vacations. So when we headed to Carmel (California) a week ago we were looking forward to the events surrounding Rfotofolio’s Depth of Field Biennial Juried Exhibition at the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel. As an exhibitor Bob was looking forward not only to the show but to meeting and sharing ideas with the other notable photographers who were converging from all over the country, Canada and Austria!


fountain pen, watercolor in Hahnemuhle Watercolor Book, 6X8″

We were staying at Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove and had a couple days to explore first. This is the beach in town. I was so relaxed in the warm sun and loving my vantage point that I kind of overdid it and tried to put everything in! Just like me.

As we wandered around Pacific Grove we discovered throngs of people, trailers, security personel, and movie cameras at an area called Lover’s Point. An episode of Big Little Lies was being shot there and the fans were out in force. (off to the left of where I was sketching).


“That’s Meryl Streep there, drinking water, see?!”

“Yes, and I heard they’re looking for extras. . .”


So I found another lovely place nearby out of the fray and still in the warm sun.


Eating in town proved to be difficult our first night. We stood shivering on a porch until we got a table at the Red House Cafe in Pacific Grove. Not a big place, but when we finally got a table. . .


we were next to a lovely fire and the food was yummy and filling!

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