My Divas

Wine Country Winter Festival

Yesterday Carole and I spent the afternoon at the Wine Country Winter Festival at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds and somehow never tasted the wine, but came away with lots of sketches!

The Santa scene was very low key so we started there, and even got our picture taken on Santa’s lap (well almost).


fountain pen and watercolor in Stillman + Birn Beta Sketchbook, 7 X 10″

Santa Tim is a non-profit Santa! and he even belongs to an organization of Santas who have natural beards!


Nice beard, huh? And no, Carole and I did not plan to wear the same color.


The music was too loud in the pavilion so we sat right outside and enjoyed the sun.

winterfestival3 The group My Divas was dressed in colorful 19th century garb, wandering around sharing their carols. I wanted to get all six of them on the page, but alas, they didn’t fit. So apologies to the one I left out! Their vocals were so delightful and clearly they were enjoying each other’s company.


Inside the Grace Pavilion here with the Arts and Crafts exhibits, and the magical disappearing man! I could have drawn in the rest of him after he left, but I’m not sure it would have matched. Better to move on I decided.


Moving down to Amy Smith’s hats (Flying Colors Studios), she let me sit on a stool and enjoy the view while trying on one of her exquisite soft creations. Getting pretty comfortable here and chatting with the artists. With so much detail to draw, what a treat!  But finally it was time to call it a day.