music at the port

Sun, Sound and Sounds!

fountain pen and watercolor in Canson mixed media sketchbook 9X12″

Midsummer, ahhh. Well, maybe not right now with our much discussed excessive heat warnings this week, but last week, yes. I’m happy to be on a stay-cation in Olympia, enjoying the sun and the Sound (as in Puget) and sounds, as in summer concerts in the port and parks. This scene was the beer garden next to where the excellent Fleetwood Mac cover band, The Little Lies was playing. I did sketch them and have to admit I couldn’t finish that sketch to my satisfaction, so I did this one in my studio for practice and with the quiet space to draw and paint more strategically.

fountain pen, watercolor, and finished with Posca pens!

And then there was the Sunday afternoon in the park where I sat with my sketch friends in the shade and enjoyed some people watching. By the time we got started there was about 35 min, so I plunged in without a plan, but later decided a radical rescue was necessary, and pulled out my opaque Posca pens!

left to right: Jane’s, Ineke’s, Jan’s and mine

None of us really “finished” on location but I love the combination of our sketches that give a dynamic sense of the summer music in the park scene!