metaphor cards

More Camp Art

maskI thought I would try out the gray hair look, along with some other nature touches.  The Mask Grove at camp was nestled in a bay tree grove where ample lichen and lacy leaves formed a carpet of natural collage materials.  The partial plaster mask was lovingly made by Vic to form fit our faces.  Later we performed a mask dance on stage to rumba music!

metaphor1These are “Metaphora Cards”, 5 “X 8” and made with acrylic paints and collage on mat board in an art process similar to the Muse Groups but with the added benefit of having the teacher Suzanne Edminster (my wonderful Four Hands Painting buddy) on hand to read them like Tarot cards!  She had so many fascinating things to say about them.  I wish I’d had my tape recorder handy!


Something  about focusing in on this one, but she turned it upside down and got even more material from the image!


And for a while these cards joined a deck provided to people for “readings”, an intriguing alternative to Soul Collage cards and a perfect camp art activity!


Metaphor Cards at Camp Winnarainbow

Metaphor Card, inks and gesso and collage on mat board,  7 “X 5”

I did a wee bit of art at Camp Winnarainbow with the delightful teacher, Suzanne Edminster, who not only created this fun activity for campers but also allowed them to get their “fortunes read” using the Metaphor cards.  This was another playful addition to an already overflowing schedule of events.

Metaphor Card 2

The monkey and the handsome Arab have something to prophesy not only to me but to you.  Care to hazard a guess?  It might in fact be hazardous!! or not.