joker archetype

Declaration of Collaboration

“Trojan Horse”, acrylic on canvas, 24″ X 24″a painting in the Four Hands Painting Collaboration

by Susan Cornelis and Suzanne Edminster

What do you do when you finish a painting?  You sign it of course.  And what do you do when you finish a four-hands painting like the one above?  You co-sign it.  Two signatures, both beginning with S. One painting with two artistic energies coming together, colliding, ricocheting off each other, landing on common themes, and finally on a name.  “Trojan Horse”.  This is one of a whole collection of new collaborative paintings which will be shown starting March 1st at the Phantom IV Gallery in Windsor.

Last night Suzanne and I signed all the new paintings, passing the pen back and forth between us.  It felt like a Declaration of Collaboration, a not so solemn ritual of transition in preparation for releasing our collaboration into the public sphere.

Please put March 10 on your calendar to join us at the opening of the show, 4:30-7:30pm at 9077 Windsor Rd. at the Windsor Town Green in CA. and visit the other galleries which will be open for the 2nd Sat. Art Walk.  To see more of our paintings visit Suzanne’s blog.

The Boyz

Acrylic, image transfer (clear contact paper), collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Muse Group demo

For my Muse Group demo of image transfer techniques last weekend I decided to use recent pictures of my boys.  Pictures of course are always worth a thousand words, so no more needs be said.  If you knew them, you’d know what I mean. . .

My “empty nest” distress eased up over the weekend when Andy came home unexpectedly for a brief visit, mostly with his friends, but also with us.  So I was ready to play with the pictures and have some fun with the Joker archetype.  He seems to be laughing at me, as if to say, “Did you really think they would always be your little boys? Ha!”  Well, I’m laughing too at the moment and enjoying  having more men in my life!