iridescent acrylics

Wishes for the Genie

acrylic inks, gesso, collage on 10 X 11″ w/c paper

Rise up

a wave of yearning

for an earth that is whole

one family 

enough for all

no longer the desire to harm

this is my prayer

Rise UP

iridescent inks on gesso textured w/c paper

The genie in the bottle asks what are your wishes three?

Shall it be gold?

Life everlasting?

A life without danger or loss?

O Genie, first answer me this 

Is there enough wealth in this world for us all

To live in plenty and in peace?

Then that shall be my only wish.


Ah! If only. . . 


Quicksilver and Effervescence


powdered charcoal pour texture, pigment powder, acrylic on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

there’s a loud flapping of wings from every direction

and I stand wondering if this sound,

this extraordinary quivering of air and shape and color

had been there all along

while I was lost in useless thought

patterns emerge and dissolve

awareness opens and closes off

colorful orbs merge and dissolve

I want to name them all, set them free for all time

but they are quicksilver and effervescence.