inks with nib pens

Calling All Angels!

Recently, on one of those days when it seemed that the world order is coming apart at the seams, I was going through a stack of unfinished Muse paintings, and found this. It was a demo I’d done on smoke painting.  And the words “CALLING ALL ANGELS” came to mind. I felt like doodling, and well, here’s what came of itcallingAllAngels

smoke painting, Silver Fox and Golden inks applied with nib pen on w/c paper

In despair after a breakfast spent doom-scrolling, I contemplate sending out an  all points bulletin. Calling all Angels!

What I have in mind is something like cupids shooting enchanted arrows, exploding our hearts and waking us up. A heavenly chorus of One Love, One People!  

BUT what if, in their all-knowingness, the heavenly quidditch players take a different approach, arm themselves with flame throwers, grab tear gas canisters (readily available in police stations), and proceed to annihilate the evil and ignorance we have become! (Hurricanes, floods, tornados, earthquakes and fire would do the trick too.)

On second thought, maybe don’t call the angels.

I guess that means we have to figure out how to rectify the damage we’ve done. . . the hard way. . . as bumbling humans.

If you want to try out this smoke painting technique, it’s pretty easy, and there’s lots of examples and directions on previous blog posts.