inks and acrylics

Bee Doodles

One day a week ago the blazing fall colors were what occupied the art-mind-space, so I squirted fluid acrylics paints on the paper and started finger painting madly with them. Then let the piece incubate a few days and did some drawing with inks. Playing with the inks on another piece of scratch paper (the bee and flowers with white), I ended up cutting them out and collaging them to the painting. A rather riotous garden emerged, and then the words.

I doodle at my table

strewn with pencils,

pens, paints, papers 

scissors. . .

bees doodle too

with pollen pastels

like this bug eyed one

whose trail I follow

to still the swirl of mind


Creepy Critters

This whole invisible virus thing is really creepy. I try not to entertain creepy thoughts,  but sometimes when I’m doing art they jump out onto the paper, especially when I’m splattering a la Ralph Steadman. On the paper they are harmless enough, even humorous.

This creepy critter came the day after I found a rather large spider in bed with me in the middle of the night. Ever since I’ve been pondering where he or she might have been hiding all this time. Gulp. This Covid virus is a lot like that, though I’m sure it’s not this “cute”. creepycritter

Acrylic, inks, gesso on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Don’t look at me that way! You think if you crouch low in the corner I won’t see what you’re hoarding. I can see what you’re up to, secretly spreading yourself all over. 

Scat! Shoo! Away with you! And take your gazillions of eggs (viral particles) with you!

To see more splatter art try this blog.

Vive la Resistance!

TAKE HEART. RESIST.  So reads an artful letterpress card made by Eric Johnson  which I picked at the Codex Book Fair in Richmond this week. Protest art was to be found in abundance at the exhibition. It has to go somewhere, all this overwhelm, distrust, and dismay with activities of this new administration.

resist2acrylic and collage on gesso coated w/c paper, 10 X 11

We will not compromise. There’s too much at stake. We will not get too comfortable except in our growing unity. We have each other after all. People of all colors and orientations. We have this planet with its innumerable rare species.

This vibrant world of ours. This is where our pride should find its home.

This Muse Group lesson was: moving the fluid acrylic paint around the paper on a gessoed surface, wiping it off, scraping through it and adding more while it’s still wet. I finished it off with some black ink lines drawn with the ink dropper. I was just thinking two figures but the red (my favorite color) expressed my heated emotions at moments throughout the day, in conversation with friends or tuning into the media.


This in-class demo was quick and dirty. I hope you’ll insert your own words on the sign.Expletives allowed.