homemade collage papers

Caw Caw!

A crow arrived in my meditation, a big black bird body, up close and personal with his back to me – demanding attention like all his cohorts in the skies, on branches and wires, beak open and loudly proclaiming, or was it complaining? I wondered if I could ask for a smattering of blessings from the crow proclaimer, blessings for us earthbound mortals. 

So I did some art and asked.

collaged, hand painted papers

(And Crow spoke)

“Look to each other

be the sentinel at your friend’s gate

stand watch over that which is most precious

to yourself and also to others

listen to others’ voices

and speak your own clearly

base your claim to nobility

on your readiness to share

your own inner wealth.”

She Likes Bright Colors

shelikesbrightcolorsacrylic, collage on w/c paper

she likes bright colors

so she spreads her colors out 

captures night, sunrise, heat of midday, and sunset

she dyes her world with kaleidoscopic splashes 

sometimes it is her only way to fly 

The lesson this week was to make our own collage paper using glassine paper (which I inherited a big roll of – it’s transparent when glued down with gel and somewhere between tracing paper and wax paper in consistency) and used fabric softener dryer sheets (which a student had given me ages ago).

The method:  lay some stencils (3 here) down overlapping on the paper, squirt 3 colors of fluid acrylic on, roll over them with a brayer.  Then take the juicy painted stencil and turn it over on the glassine/dryer sheet/tissue paper, etc. and make a monoprint of it.  Make sure you use every drop of the extra paint on the brayer for more stenciling or just dry rolling. Let it all dry and then use the extra papers on top of your (original) paper piece for collage.  Since the designs and color palette are the same, it is not too hard to integrate it.

I had just finished reading I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban  written by Malala Yousafzai  and Christina Lamb.  In this piece color became my metaphor for freedom and perhaps my way to show solidarity for girls and women throughout the world.