Holiday sketches

Holiday Stories

Both our sons were home for the holidays, lapsing into eating and lounging and occasional computers games. I lapsed into holiday mode of buying groceries, cooking and cleaning up. That and taking a moment here and there to sit and sketch. . .

But first there was the Messiah Sing-along. . .


which presented the challenge of standing up and sitting down repeatedly as the audience rose to join in the chorus. Each time some part of my sketch stuff clattered to the floor as I stood!


When Ben occupied the kitchen counter and Andrew the front room I moved around to capture this thoroughly mesmerizing game they were sharing (in low light!)


Andrew got stranded here for a couple extra days due to the storm so we asked him to capture the errant rooster that has been driving us crazy with its day-long crowing and pooping on the front step. Here’s how it’s going, as seen from the front window.

Holiday time with family

Happy New Year! Much of the blogging world is reviewing the past year around this time. I find the whole idea a bit exhausting. It’s been a busy week, with lots of visiting and mostly, well, eating!

What do you do the day after Christmas with family visiting? We drove out to our local treasure of a bakery, Wild Flower Bread in Freestone to savor the gooey, delicious savory and sweet breads fresh from the oven.  Mmmmmm!


You walk in to see a mountain of golden breads and melt into the aroma of fresh baked. . .


Then off to Doran Beach for a brisk walk. Brrrr! We were treated to the sight of a pod of dolphins surfing in the waves.


Then home for more eating, this time the younger ones feeding us a lovely meal. (Droob is a nickname for Andrew, one of many).