Some Advise about Monsters

Happy Halloween and El Dia de los Muertos! With such thick post-fire angst in our communities here in Sonoma County, it’s been a good time to let off steam, indulge in gallows humor and make playful art.  I decided to launch the next Muse Group yesterday with monster ink-drips a la Stefan Bucher the Daily Monster creator. Check out his fun website to see the technique.


The sound effect that goes with this monster is a loud, wet raspberry thwit! This guy suffers no fools and we love him for it!

MuseHalloween-2The spider webs and tarantulas invaded the studio when they got wind of the lesson plans.


They spun their webs all over the tables and even got into the paintings! And then, for some of us they even got into the words!


Pay attention you may notice. It doesn’t have to be Halloween for one to wear a mask. It doesn’t have to be October 31st for one to become a monster. Our daily masks and monsters love to play to an audience. Most of the time no one notices or cares much, except when they get out of hand and start shouting or moaning or generally demanding too much. Therein lies the danger!

So, don your mask and take your monster out for a walk every so often (like Halloween!). Let it strut and boo and hiss, all in good fun. Then you can keep your friends.


Who am I?


Higgins India Ink, acrylic, pencil on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

This is an after Halloween/Day of the Dead posting of a piece done last week when the Monday Muses explored BLACK.  The image summoned a disembodied feeling, and the question of who am I ?  Frankly, as I grow older and shed various identities which have burdened me in the past, there’s less of a need to call myself something.  Artist maybe? and all those family titles, but perhaps the meditator in me prefers the No Self non-identification even better! It’s so freeing.

There’s openings now in the Monday Afternoon Muse Group in a new 4 week only session which starts Nov. 17!  If you’re interested in joining us, please email me.