goat sketches

Sketching Between the Puddles

Normally at this time of year here in Sonoma County wouldn’t we be enjoying more predictably sunny days? Instead we’re dodging downpours on a regular basis, and LOVING IT! Gardening days are pure bliss because all the plants that have been biding their time throughout our five year draught are going bananas now!


So last weekend we planned to visit the goat farm and sketch the baby goats, but that plan got rained out. So we headed over to Harmony Farm Supply and sketched in the sprinkles of rain and under an overhang while garden-fever was in full swing and customers were hungrily selecting additions to their spring gardens.


Oh, by the way, while being frustrated that it was not a baby goat sketching day, I did a quick one of this handsome young one (Redwood Hills Farm) from a Facebook photo. Good practice for when the sunny day comes!


Next day, Sunday, was sunny! The Sebastopol Farmer’s Market never disappoints with seasonal fruits, veggies, baked goods, plants, crafts, live music and more to tempt, well, everyone! Greedily I did a series of vignettes, some while standing.


And then found a sunny spot out of the way to draw the tents and a guy picking out a pastry.

Some of this was practice and thinking through the schedule for my next sketch workshop April 29, 30 in Sebastopol, which will feature on location sketching along with the opportunity for some good eating! If you’re interested, visit my website.

Goaties and woodpeckers


Lamy Safari fountain pen and watercolor in Strathmore w/c sketchbook, 7 X 5″

When you first walk up to the fence (at the bottom of my road) the goats are all where you think you want them to pose for you.  But some of them get suddenly very interested in you. . .like this one.  Cute, huh?!


My first pen lines were too tentative.  This new fountain pen takes some getting used to.  Going over the lines darker isn’t the effect I want either. . .and then there’s the aspect of drawing standing up.  I tried supporting the sketchbook on the fence top, but with that hard goat head and horns so nearby, it didn’t seem like a good idea.


I have an idea for a new APP. . .a Google Translate for woodpecker chatter.  These guys seemed like they were having an argument, but maybe it was all in fun.  I certainly couldn’t guess.


Thanksgiving was a day for cooking and visiting, and of course eating, but I had a few minutes to sketch the table decoration.