glassine paper

Open to Spring?

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Spring!

There’s no little ones here to go egg hunting with today and so I’ve been watching butterflies and following a vibrant buzzing to the bumblebee nest outside my studio wall. It’s actually a birdhouse that’s been taken over by nectar drunken bumblers. Yellow pollen is dripping down the outside, giving away their hideout. And there’s always at least one of them, tipsy and hanging out on the edge, with buddies just inside.

But I was inside for a bit too, and finished this piece from a lesson earlier in the month, adding words from today.


layers of acrylic inks and glassine papers with monoprints

Are the windows in my mind open to spring?

Can my animal heart relate to the heavy breath of blossoms and buzzing bumblers?

I was a bit overcome today with the warm scents, the rapidly unspooling ferns, the snowy cloud of apple blossoms, and the tapestry of weeds calling out to be pulled!

Ah Spring. Is your mind and heart open to it? It’s a very strong cocktail!


I went back to take a picture for you, and the party had grown! Sounded like they were really getting down!glassinepapercollage1

Another one, with a tree theme, and lots of layers, collaged and painted.  I was shooting for golden light shining through the orchard and those birds, and maybe a yellow brick road for Dorothy to skip along with her friends and Toto.  But then there was this blaze ripping through the trees and across driveways. . .it’s hard to forget about that fire. . .

If you want to join us this spring and summer, for my mixed media workshop titled The Playful Muse, here’s the new dates, just published!

May 20, June 17, and July 15, 1:30-4:30 in my Sebastopol studio. (You can sign up for one or all three.)

4-week August Session: August 5-26

For more information and to register contact me.




Pac Man and the Alphabet


acrylic, glassine paper and acrylic skin collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Pac Man eats his way through the alphabet, capturing language in his craw

and for no other reason than his voracious appetite for all things spelled.

What on earth?  you say.  Well, a kid likes to play and even a grown up likes to sometimes.  In the spirit of collage paper making I placed an alphabet stencil down on white paper, squirted red, black and blue paint on top, rolled over it.  The I placed the paint-wetted side of the stencil down on some glassine paper and rolled over that, making an opposite image, which, when dry became my collage paper for the piece.  It needed an accent so I pulled out a pink acrylic skin from my stash, while reassuring myself that I don’t always have to make serious meaningful art. . .

Well, except that, there might be some meaning to it.  I am a bit of a pac (wo)man about things spelled.  There’s my daily crossword and nightly novel, and my affinity for the Thesaurus.