Gator Nation

This Tuesday the Healdsburg Summer Concert series featured Gator Nation with their South Louisiana, Cajun, Zydeco, and New Orleans style music. They quickly revved the audience up for dancing. I moved my little stool up to in front of the dancers. Gulp. And quickly realized that my proximity meant total engagement with the music and these wonderful performers that were constantly moving around, interacting with each other, and looking like they were having so much fun. How could I sketch when I felt like joining the dancers?


Here’s the challenge. How to get them all on the spread with no time to plan it out first. But honestly, it’s so much fun to do this while the music is going on and seeping into the sketch. In the end I did just jump up and join the dancers. It felt like we were on the bayou with these guys!


This is band leader Willard Blackwell. Not only did I get to meet him and take a picture, but he gave me a CD so I could take the music home. (I think this was the best part of the evening!)