Fool’s Day Parade Occidental

Fool’s Day Parade

The Fools turned out in force to celebrate April 1st in traditional Occidental style Fool’s Day Parade on Saturday. I donned my tutu and joined them along with sketcher friends.


Lamy Joy fountain pen and watercolor in handbook field watercolor journal, 8X8″

While waiting for sketchers to arrive I met Baan who was kind enough to pose. Her mermaid tail was a kind of hand-sewn blanket which added the marine effect to the gourd hat. A mix of themes creating a perfect fool-style costume.


There was time for a quick picture of us with our green “official fool” badges before the parade.


It was about 85 degrees in the shade by the time the parade got started and the parade was NOT in the shade. Wiltingly I marched along for a while.


Switched to the brush pen which gets the idea down faster when there’s movement.


After a bit of walking I ducked into the shade to watch and wish I had an umbrella. I’m not sure how I would have managed the sketching with the umbrella? And at this point the brush pen ink seemed to be melting, so I switched pens again.

The butterfly lady was added at the end of the parade when I was all warmed up and cooled down, sitting on a stool in the shade!


And this one, while sitting around with the other sketchers, enjoying the last bit of fanfare and then sharing of sketches.

Next year will be my fourth year of foolery and I’ll be ready again! Zero the Clown will be back with his declaration to “do anything that brings fun, silliness, harmony, happiness, celebration, relaxation, health, love, joy, creativity, pleasure, abundance, grace, courage, balance, spontaneity, passion, beauty, peace and life energy to thyself and all other beings everywhere.” I figure that about covers it.


Fool’s Day Parade in Occidental

I’m hosting my first SF Sketchers Meet Up! and it’s here in Occidental this Saturday, the Fool’s Day. Hope you’ll join me in some foolishness and sketching.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 5.33.04 PM



If you sign up on for SF Sketchers, you’ll get invitations like this all the time. And then you can RSVP so the leader has an idea of who to expect and can answer any questions.

Here’s some of my sketches from a previous year of foolishness.

Fool’s Day Parade


Faber Castell Pitt Artist pen, brush pen and w/c in 8 X 5″ handmade sketchbook (BFK Rives paper)

I ventured out with two other sketch-loving-fools. Carole and Suzanne, to capture the Fools Day Parade action in Occidental on Saturday and try to crack the code of how to sketch a parade while everything/one is in movement.

Two of us situated ourselves at a picnic table bench outside a corner store and right behind these four fools in wigs while waiting for the parade to begin.  They were actually relatively still or at least would return to a pose frequently.  The blue and the pink wigs required special paint which was added later – Daniel Smith’s Electric Blue and Holbein’s Opera.


And finally the parade, which consists of the town’s folk in fool costume (a quirky version of Halloween) walking down the street to the music of the Hubbub Club musicians.  They were momentarily held up long enough for me to sketch Snow White. I spotted our third sketcher, Carole, standing in the middle of the street, oblivious to traffic, sketching madly. . .and rescued her!


Now we’re standing up in the crowd waiting for the “coronation” of two children as King and Queen of Fools (for 5 min.) by the grand wizard.


Accompanied by His Imperial Nothingness clown, who was also holding his accordian, which I didn’t have time to sketch. . .


A fool eating lunch and enjoying the open mic concert in the Arts Center.  By this point the marine winds were blowing through town and we were grateful to sit down inside to sketch some more and put some paint on the sketches while listening to local talent.