election day musing

Election Day Art Musings


Inks, gesso, collage on w/c paper 10 X 11″

It’s another of life’s storms raging out in the Wideworld with those skyscrapers piercing the air above and sending frenzied messages. Words are flying and landing, votes soaring and crashing and the markets joining in.

We go a bit green from the dizzying motion of it. After today. . .we hope. . .the sky will no longer be that gunmetal gray.

I guess that about says it. It’s a beautiful sunny day in California. We started a new Monday Muse Group session yesterday with a full group and the inks and gesso lesson I love to do. Start with some tape pieces to act as masking when the paint goes on. Do two pieces with the same color scheme and use one as collage for the other. Introduce some other collage or pictorial element if desired. My demo got so very complicated, but of course that’s an accurate perception of life these days.


When I removed the tape pieces and put them on my scrap paper where I try things out first, many new ideas arose.

Out of confusion comes breakthroughs, discoveries, if only we have the patience and fortitude. And today, let us have the hope as well!!