daler rowney acrylic inks and gesso



Higgins Black India ink, Daler Rowney Genesis Green ink, gesso on w/c paper

A flutter of wings

A heart with strings

The Monday Muse group came together yesterday for a new beginning on this joint exploration of wild-and-wooly art making. I thought we’d “do inks”, squirt them into puddles of water shapes, letting them blend and granulate.

There are Saturday workshops coming up with a couple openings.

On February 13 we’ll be having some spray paint fun: using our acrylic paints and inks in spray applications.

On March 12 we will paint out from collage pieces for some dynamic results.

For more information and to register, visit my website.

I am a rocket sitting in dock.


acrylic inks on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

I am a rocket sitting in dock, sending and receiving signals, text messages, radio waves, energy signatures.

I am a dam holding onto a Niagara of feelings, my own and others.

I am a presence in this kingdom, sending out prayer flags to harness the grace of the winds, gathering the forces for take off.

I am a captive in these cords holding me on the earthly plane.

So I decorate my balcony, look out my picture window and imagine the freedom of a hawk soaring on the updraft. 

What’s the relationship of all this sketching of late to these experimental Muse journal pieces I do in my groups?  Lately the love of LINE has taken over. Doodly lines on dry paper and wet, made with droppers and dip pens and bamboo pens and spiced up with iridescent acrylic inks.

Stop Digging That Hole


acrylic inks, gesso, finely cut phone book pages, gold joss paper, etc on w/c paper, Muse Group demo

Chinese Fortune Cookie Say:

“If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”

If you find yourself in a mess, take a close look at it and figure out how you got there, so you can trace your way back.

Make a nest and take a nap.  Worry about the mess some other time.

Be ready for “it” to change into something else at any moment.  Sunsets become sunrises soon enough.

When you start writing about the art, as long as you don’t interfere too much in what’s coming down on the paper, another far wiser one chimes in (sometimes it’s a wise guy, but he’s welcome as well) and offers two more cents and a lot of sense. Then the question is, how to follow the sage advise.

Me, I’m just writing about the eye I saw on the left hand side that wanted to take a closer look, and the sunset/sunrise of the yellow shape on the right, and of course the black of the hole, and once again the nest that I “built” out of finely cut phone book pages. Question is, which of the holes I’ve dug do I need to stop digging?

One of my recent finds at the half-price day at our local library sale was a minuscule book called The Fortune Cookie Book:  A little Food For Thought, which I bought for $.50 and brought home for the collage pile. Opening at random I picked out this one and glued it on.