county fair

One Rooster, Two Pictures

pen and w/c sketch

It’s always fun to see the sketch alongside the photo of the subject. You get to see what I had time to include (while standing and being jostled in the narrow aisles) and what got left out.

Today I had a wonderful tutorial with my friend Suzanne Edminster on how to go from the art to blog posting, all on the iPhone!  Wonders never cease.  Now I’m really armed for travel sketching!  Thank you Suzanne.

Sonoma Marin Fair


fountain pen and watercolor in Handbook hard cover w/c sketchbook, 8 X 8″

An afternoon at the fair seemed like a perfect opportunity for a sketch-venture last week. . .starting with the Funnel Cake Eating Contest.  A table of kids started it off.  Here I’m madly sketching while they’re getting the rules of the game spelled out.  No hands. Lots of squirming going on.


The adult contest came next and there was one woman at a table of men.  Luckily she’s the one I had a view of for a quick sketch.  And of course she was the winner.  Her cake literally disappeared in the time it took me to get my cell phone camera ready.  It seemed like the men had just started!


Next was the exotic animal building where, believe it or not, the Hairy Armadillo was the darling of the audience.  He kept running to and fro and crawling under the astroturf.  And then the baby porcupines. . .awww!


and of course the showy and noisy birds.


Next was the (little) pig races, but they were moving too fast to sketch.  So we went in the barn where the big pigs were sleeping.


This was sketched from a picture I took while watching and eating (very greasy) chicken.  Everything at the fair is deep fried, even candy!


Last stop – the midway. It’s a bit overwhelming, an assault on all the senses. There’s nothing to do but draw as fast as you can and then blast it with color.