citrasolv collage


Is there anyone out there who isn’t confused about where we’re going with this pandemic? It makes us a bit ditzy, wondering what other people are doing to cope, I mean other than wearing masks in public, taking walks, zooming, and watching whole series’ seasons on Netflix.

Me, I do some deeply satisfying art dawdling in my art studio each day. Sometimes I start by cutting up a doodled painting from another day and seeing where the pieces take me. It feels so right to recycle art at this point in time. This particular one came together when I found the woman, and felt I could relate.


acrylics, black and white gesso, collage, white gel pen

She’s a bit confused. . .aren’t we all?!

Oops! Don’t walk off the edge.

“It” came from China on a wave.

Where is everyone going? We’re still on a Shelter in Place order!

Of course it’s particularly distressing when our medical heros, the scientists we rely on to find the cures, are unable to reassure us. This Covid virus is still eluding the best of them! It seems we still have more questions than answers.

questions gesso textured w/c paper with acrylic inks, gesso and citrasolv collage.

I almost put cations on this piece as well, but decided to leave it open to interpretation. Please fill in any dialogue that comes to mind.



When we were making collage papers in Muse Group by splattering National Geographics with Citrasolv concentrate, a spell binding creature appeared on a page. That was the impetus for this piece, combining ink, collage and acrylic. See if you can tell which material is which, or just take a look and let the creature weave its spell on you.


If I were a s’keeter the world might look like this, from second to second cracked open, taken apart and then put back together all new. I’d have to keep figuring it out, like a person with amnesia or short term memory loss. 

Would that really be so bad, every second a new world? or richly phantasmagoric.

Citrasolv art

Citrasolv cleaner “melts” the clay based inks of National Geographics in the most stunning way. I keep circling back to the Citrasolv collage lesson, which has to be started outside when the weather is warm and not windy. . .like last Monday.


National Geo papers collaged on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Are you caught, tangled , running into hidden snares everywhere? Tread carefully. Watch your step, or when you fly, land carefully.  This life thing is tricky, at times sticky. It takes a lot of maneuvering to get yourself free once entangled.

So why not become the one who unties the knots, releases the locks, opens the door and gets to say “You’re free now. Go for it!”

If you want to try making these papers yourself, there are lots of how-to videos online. My favorite papers are the ones that have some picture peaking through, like the guy in blue above. And sometimes a page is so gorgeous by itself that you wish you’d painted it! You can also use the Citrasolv concentrate to wipe off spots of ink, using a stencil or a brush.

See more examples of my Citrasolv art on this blog.

Butterfly Lady


Citrasolved papers (using a stencil), fluid acrylics, inks with dip pen on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Butterfly lady lost a wing, setting in motion unexpected changes. Her eggs got replaced by moons, and the children who had been orbiting around her began to float off in new directions.

She is not dismayed. One wing is more than enough for a while.  She waits patiently and watchfully for a new wing to appear, or perhaps the old one will fly back to her.

I got this idea for Citrasolv collage technique from another artist’s blog  She spells out the process clearly on her blog so I won’t repeat it here.  Previously I’d always dissolved the National Geographic inks with Citrasolv and then used the pages for collage.  In this method you can collage the Natl Geo pages on first, then apply the Citrasolv and even wipe away the inks using a stencil.  Easy and fun!


This was my first one.  The inks didn’t dissolve except where I used the stencil.  Another interested effect.

My Brain Child


Acrylic inks, Citra Solved collage papers on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

My brain child is wired for great complexity

all those filaments and fibers conspiring

to make me brilliant one day and a fool the next

to utter great truths or spew wormy banalities

My brain child is a hothouse of growing things

hungry caterpillars chomping on leaves

threatening to break out and run free

Will they embarrass me or

earn me a reputation for a fertile imagination?

Oops! Here comes another!  Look out everyone!


Pipevine Swallowtail caterpillar, picture taken 5 minutes ago in my studio garden

One never has to look far for the source of the ideas served up by the imagination.  I often don’t see the connection until a day or week after the art is made.  I’ve been visiting our hungry caterpillars each day, touching them on the head so they throw up the bright yellow flags!  I hadn’t realized that they’d become my brain children!