Centaur, a Four Hands Painting

“Centaur”, acrylic on canvas 24″ X 24″

a Four Hands painting by Susan Cornelis and Suzanne Edminster

Four hands as in two sets of two attached to two different painters.  I keep having the image of a dancing Shiva with four arms balancing on one foot. It is a kind of balancing act to create a painting with another artist, whose center of gravity is in a different place.  A bit like bungie jumping (which I’ve never tried) it is also a kind of thrill since you’re less in control of the landing.

In the painting “Centaur” here, after the initial abstract beginning by one of us, we both thought we saw a horse shape emerging, a familiar theme to both of us, so not surprising.  A shape shifter, a visitor from Suzanne’s world of cave art and myth and mine of wild horse Muse-ings.  We both welcomed his appearance.

This is one of the paintings in the show open now at Phantom IV Gallery in Windsor, CA. Scroll down here for more information about the show and the opening this Saturday.