cafe sketch

Sketchbook in the purse

The sketchbook that travels in the purse tends to get used when you might not expect, like when you’re out with other people and there’s a discreet moment or two and something catches your eye. . .


Lamy Safari fountain pen with water soluble ink and watercolor in 5 X 7″ w/c sketchbook

It was the ruby red lipstick, ivory skin and blue earbuds that made her a must-sketch. I tuned out my family’s conversation over coffee for a few moments to capture it. I knew that my subject, just a couple feet away, was too absorbed to notice.


Waiting to put Andrew (Droob) and Maura on the bus for the airport I realized I hadn’t sketched him enough over the holiday. “Hold still for a moment” I said. Easy to ask of someone with a cell phone in his hand.

Beyond Cafe Sketching


For years I’ve been in a group of mothers, sometimes referred to as “Coffee Girls” Every Friday we meet at a cafe, where we sip coffee while getting a perspective on our lives. Sometimes I also can sneak in a sketch.


Petaluma Pete plays his piano on a street corner in that town.(Don’t ask me how it gets the piano there!) I happened to be hanging out, waiting for my son to check out the guitars and sheet music in Tall Toad music shop. Leaning against the corner I got to listen to some of Pete’s extensive repertoire and watch him greet people, while I sketched.


An evening performance of a jazz group at a local art gallery. . .


and on a very stormy day, sitting in the cafeteria of Snoopy’s Ice Arena, sketching the mostly inexperienced skaters, lots of little kids and their parents.


Turning 90 degrees to the left was this view, which I needed in order to rest the eyes after following the constant motion of the skaters!

Then the children started checking us out.  I find that art supplies are like magnets to them. Most children under a certain age still recognize themselves as artists. So little Peter would not leave until I handed him a brush loaded with paint.