art museum

A Day in Seattle with Andrew

fine liner pen and watercolor in Etchr sketchbook

My younger son Andrew turns 30 this month! Sunday I took the train to Seattle to spend the day with him and his girlfriend to celebrate. My home is about 7 minutes from the Amtrak train, which is good because I’m not much for dealing with the city traffic at this point. 

The day was fun – trendy vegan restaurant for brunch, followed by art museum and beautiful parks. Seattle is definitely a more high-energy city than Olympia, which seems so laid back in comparison. We waited 45 minutes for a table at the restaurant. Apparently not unusual.

Then headed for the Seattle Asian Art Museum in lovely Volunteer Park.  

My favorite was the contemporary Be/Longing exhibit. This spectacular garment? made of thousands of dog tags, yes, dog tags.

The interior was reflective. I couldn’t resist taking advantage of the fun house mirror effect. The sculpture definitely creates some kind of mental/emotional collision. Something about the power of individuals in the collective or maybe it’s a longing for . . .(sorry I didn’t record the artist’s name!)

Afterward our feet were weary so we found a perch in the shade next to some grass. Andrew stretched out for a rest while I sketched the water tower.

And later rode the train back home again. Gotta do this more often!